Common Cause and Lokniti Programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), launched India’s first Status of Policing in India Report (SPIR 2018) at the India Habitat Centre on May 9.

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RTI application addressed to office of the Prime Minister of india

11th February 2009

Subject matter of information : Disclosure, seizure and transfer of unaccounted for money and assets held by the Indian nationals in other countries, under the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)

Period to which information relates : From 9th December 2005, date of India signing the said UN Convention up to date. Description of the Information required: specific issues on which information is required are as under:-

(a) Reasons why the Government of India has still not ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) even though the same was signed more than three years ago on 9th December 2005, whereas in contrast 129 countries including small countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even Afghanistan have signed and ratified the said Convention.

(b) Is the Government of India not interested in getting transferred back to it from countries, like Switzerland, Sr. Kitts, Canary Islands, Antigua, Bahamas and other countries unaccounted for deposits of Indian nationals under Article 51 of the said UN Convention? If so what are the reasons for not accessing this goldmine?

(c) Has the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) reminded the Government of India twice to have the said UN Convention ratified in order to press the other countries to disclose, seize and repatriate to the Government of India uncounted for bank deposits and other assets held in them by the Indian nationals? Copies of the CVC’s reminders and the Government of India’s reply to CVC, may be release be mailed to me.

(d) Has the Government of India approached the German Government which is reported to be having with it details of Indian account-holders in Liechtenstein’s LTG Bank for disclosing and transferring the unaccounted for deposits to it? If it has not approached what were the reasons for the inaction? Is it a fact that even Transparency International had stated in May 2008 or on some other date that India maintained a stoic silence over this issue and has not approached the German Government for necessary disclosure?

July - September, 2009