In a petition by Common Cause, Supreme Court in another landmark order directed that RTI fees should not exceed ₹50 per application and ₹5 for photocopying of documents.

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WP 426 of 2013
Illegal &Arbitrary Appointment of C&AG

Summary :

Common Cause sought directions from the court to declare the appointment of Shri Shashi Kant Sharma) as India’s new Comptroller & Auditor General of India (hereinafter ‘CAG’) as void. It was alleged that the appointment as CAG was liable to be declared void as it was made arbitrarily by a procedure that did not withstand the test of constitutionality, also on the ground of conflict of interest, and the principle, i.e. no person shall be a judge in his own cause.

The matter was dismissed by a three judge bench on 15 July 2013.


WP 426 of 2013
WP 426 of 2013 12-Jul-2013