In a petition by Common Cause, Supreme Court in another landmark order directed that RTI fees should not exceed ₹50 per application and ₹5 for photocopying of documents.

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WP 348 of 2010
Removal of CVC

Summary :

A petition was filed are filed in the court seeking directions to declare the appointment of Mr. P J Thomas as India’s new Central Vigilance Commissioner as illegal and void. It was claimed that the appointment was arbitrary in violation of the equality clause contained in Article 14 of the Constitution of India. It was also claimed to be violative of Article 21. The High Court declared that the recommendation dated 3rd September, 2010 of the High Powered Committee recommending the name of Shri P.J. Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner under the proviso to Section 4(1) of the 2003 Act was void in law and, consequently, the impugned appointment of Shri P.J. Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner was quashed.


WP of 348 of 2010
WP 348 of 2010 Order Date 3-Mar-2011