Current Focus

Petition challenging the appointment of Interim Director, CBI

WP(C) 291/2021 - Mar 04, 2021

Petition challenging the appointment of Interim Director,...

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Petition challenging re-appointment of the ED Director

W.P. (C) 1374/2020 - Dec 03, 2020

Petition challenging re-appointment of the Director of Enforcement Directorate...

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Police and Pandemic

Rapid Study - Oct 01, 2020

Common Cause has undertaken a rapid study to evaluate the role of the police --- their attitude, preparedness and overall performance during the 50-day lockdown in India. The study is based on interactions with various stakeholders, including grassroots/ aid workers etc., migrant workers,...

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SPIR 2020

SPIR 2020 - Oct 01, 2020

From 2018 onwards Common Cause, in partnership with Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), has been publishing a series of reports focussing on policing in the country. 'Status of Policing in India' or SPIR is a one-of-its-kind academic project which uses survey as a...

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A Victory for the Environment

Char Dham Highway Case - Sep 23, 2020

The substantial damage to the Himalayan ecology caused by the Char Dham Highway Project has been halted by the Supreme Court. In response to a petition by environment non-profit Citizens for Green Doon, the Apex Court ruled on September 8 that the width of the Char Dham Highway, currently...

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Reach Out

COVID-19: How Can I Help My Fellow Indians? - Apr 06, 2020

The threat of coronavirus has pushed us into an unprecedented crisis. The national lockdown, while well-intentioned, has also disrupted lives and snatched livelihoods. Millions of men, women, and children have to go without meals. Even social distancing is a luxury for people cramped in unhygienic...

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Miscellaneous Application in the Right to Die with Dignity

MA 1699/2019 in W.P.(C) 215/2005 - Feb 20, 2020

Miscellaneous Application in Right to Living...

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India Justice Report 2019

First of its kind Study - Nov 07, 2019

The India Justice Report, a first of its kind study is an initiative of Tata Trusts undertaken in partnership with Centre for Social Justice, Common Cause, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, DAKSH, TISS-Prayas and Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. This is a pathbreaking endeavour...

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Right to Die with Dignity

Advance Medical Directive: First Draft of a Model Living Will - Sep 30, 2019

As per the Supreme Court of India’s judgment dated March 9, 2018, the following Advance Medical Directive has been executed by me to lay down clear and specific instructions during the course of my treatment, as well as to strengthen the mind of the treating doctors that they are acting in a...

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SPIR 2019 - Media Coverage

News Reports - Sep 06, 2019

SPIR 2019 across print, television and the web                                                                       ...

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