On-Going Cases

Supreme Court

S.No. Keyword Writ Petition No. Advocate Previous Listing Next Listing
1 Petition for SIT investigation in Electoral Bonds Scam W.P.(C) No. 266/2024 Prashant Bhushan Not Listed Yet Not Listed Yet
2 Petition to Restrain the use of Public Funds for Political Campaigns Through Govt. Ads W.P.(C) 142/2022 Prashant Bhushan 06.11.2023 17.05.2024
3 Petition seeking timely and transparent appointments to the Central Vigilance Commission W.P.(C) 1244/2021 Prashant Bhushan 02.11.2022 Likely to be listed on 06.08.2024
4 Petition challenging constitutional validity of Sedition under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 W.P. (C) 773/2021 Prashant Bhushan 22.11.2023 Pending for Final Hearing
5 IA in In Re: Distribution of Essential Supplies and Services During Pandemic I.A. No. 69713/2021 in S.M.W. (C) No. 3/2021 Rishi Kumar Singh Gautam 31.05.2021 Likely to be listed on 08.07.2024
6 Petition to completely ban export of iron ore (in the form of pellets or otherwise) W.P. (C) 487/2021 Prashant Bhushan 07.11.2023 Likely to be listed on 23.07.2024
7 Petition challenging the appointment of Interim Director, CBI W.P. (C) 291/2021 Prashant Bhushan 08.11.2021 Disposed off
8 Petition challenging the electoral irregularities and to ensure free and fair elections and rule of law W.P. (C) 1382/2019 Prashant Bhushan 24.02.2020 No Further Orders of Listing
9 Petition seeking directions to implement the recommendations of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, 2020 W.P. (C) 228/2019 Prashant Bhushan 19.02.2020 Likely to be listed on 06.05.2024
10 Fair working conditions for domestic workers W.P. (C) 1389/2018 Pallav Mongia 07.12.2018 Likely to be listed on 08.07.2024
11 Writ for Supreme Court directions on Police Reforms W.P. (C) 310/1996 Prashant Bhushan 23.01.2023 No further Orders of Listing
12 Introduction of Electoral Bonds Challenged W.P.(C) 880/2017 tagged with W.P.(C) 333/2015 and SLP (C) No. 18190/2014 Prashant Bhushan 16.10.2023 Disposed of
13 Writ against Illegal Mining in Odisha W.P. (C) 114/2014 Prashant Bhushan 04.12.2023 Likely to be listed on 29.04.2024
14 Bar on News Broadcast by Private Radio Stations W.P. (C) 880/2013 Prashant Bhushan 12.04.2018 No further orders of listing
15 Contempt Petition Against Lawyers' Strike Cont.Pet.(C) 550/2015 in W.P.(C) 821/1990 Prashant Bhushan 17.07.2023 Likely to be listed on 13.08.2024
16 Preventing the export of logs of red sandalwood W.P. (C) 976/2014 Prashant Bhushan 03.08.2017 Likely to be listed on 09.04.2024
17 PIL on corruption in the management of Defence lands W.P. (C) 204/2014 Prashant Bhushan, R. K. Mishra 03.01.2019 Likely to be listed on 08.07.2024
18 Undoing the mala fide favours to RIL in KG Basin W.P. (C) 728/2013 Prashant Bhushan 03.12.2018 Likely to be listed on 08.07.2024
19 To bring Nuclear suppliers of Kudankulam nuclear plant under 'polluter pays' and 'absolute liability' principles W.P. (C) 407/2012 tagged with W.P. (C) 464/2011 Prashant Bhushan, Pranav Sachdeva 20.09.2017 No further orders of listing
20 Petition seeking cancellation of the entire allocation of coal blocks to private companies between 1993 - 2012 and a court monitored investigation of the said allocation W.P. (C) 463/2012 Prashant Bhushan & Pranav Sachdeva 14.08.2023 Likely to be listed on 08.07.2024
21 Petition challenging the constitutional validity of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010 W.P. (C) 464/2011 Prashant Bhushan 29.09.2012 No further orders of listing