WP 2992 of 2013
Challenging order of the LG by which recommendations of Lokayukta was rejected

Summary :

The petition filed by Common Cause sought to draw the attention of the court to the manner in which the institution of the Lokayukta, established under the Delhi Lokayukta and Upalokayukta Act, 1995, had been effectively undermined on account of the disregard by the competent authority of the considered recommendations made by the Hon’ble Lokayukta in various cases involving egregious acts of corruption by elected public functionaries. The petition also mentioned a sting operation with evidence that showed elected officials had agreed to accept illegal gratification. It was contended that the continued inaction on the part of the competent authority amounted to a grave and continuing violation of articles 14 and 21.

The Court, in its judgement dated 19 February 2015, directed that the Special Reports be laid before the Legislative Assembly of Delhi within six weeks of the order. The matter was accordingly disposed of. 

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WP 2992 of 2013
WP 2992 of 2013 Date 19-Feb-2015